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Learning about the American Chronic Pain Association

If you’re in chronic pain, it’s time to get some assistance and to find camaraderie. If you’re in pain, you should certainly start by meeting with a doctor like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein. This will help you to find the right medication for your needs.

In addition to your physical needs, you probably have emotional needs as a result of your pain. One organization that can help you is the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) which has offered peer support and education for your pain management since 1980. The history of ACPA is quite interesting.

Penney Cowan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania put a notice in her church bulletin to see if other people were dealing with chronic pain as well. They began to meet together and they formed the first ACPA support group. This one group spread and Penney started to develop ACPA manuals and materials so that people could learn more about maintain their wellness.

Manipulation for Pain Management

One type of technique used to alleviate back and neck pain is manipulation.  Certainly, the manipulation and other pain remedies should be done by trained professionals like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein.  Spinal manipulation is used when the patient has symptoms of painful muscle spasm and restricted spinal movements.

The trained professional helps the “stiff” area of the spine in the injured person to move again with a soft tissue massage, gentle movements for mobilization and controlled movements which stretch the stiff part. Those who do manipulations say that the patient should have a 75% improvement or more within 3-5 treatments. Certainly, should symptoms persist or should the manipulation not show this type of improvement, a pain care specialist like Harvey Finkelstein MD would recommend other treatments.

Help for Neck Pain

Everyday habits and activities such as bad posture, or working long hours in front of a computer, can have a negative impact on the neck muscles. Neck pain is a common complaint throughout the United States, and is most often due to strain or wear-and-tear arthritis.

Pain management doctors like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein have experience alleviating neck pain caused by less serious conditions such as these.
However, neck pain can indicate a more pressing condition. If these signs are experienced, consult with a physician immediately:

  • Pain that shoots into the shoulder and/or down the arm
  • Sudden weakness or numb feeling in arms or hands
  • Bladder or bowel changes
  • Difficult touching the chin to the chest

Taking Steps to Reduce Chronic Pain

Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, a specialist in managing chronic pain, has helped many patients improve their day-to-day quality of life with his treatments.  But there are many ways in which the one suffering can actually help themselves also.  First, take a class in meditation or breathing exercises. If you are able to really relax and focus on your breathing, then invariably the focus will move away from your pain.  Second, as much as possible, eliminate stress from your life as it is known to result in chronic pain.  Third, since exercise is known to give out natural endorphins, the more active you are, the less pain you will encounter.  Also remember that alcohol which can lead to sleep difficulties should be limited as chronic pain will anyway lead to sleep problems. The more you do to help yourself, the better off you will be.  But to ensure even greater improvements, consult a pain specialist like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein.

Diet and Lifestyle Tips to Manage Pain

Today, there are many different routes to the elimination of pain.  Dr. Harvey Finkelstein – a pain management specialist – has a lot of experience in this field and can offer a variety of different options, depending on the pain and the patient.  But if you would like to try helping yourself first, there are some easy things you can adopt into your life.  For example, a modification in diet (with an escalation in protein, calcium and Vitamin D) and lifestyle can work wonders.  Physical therapy has been known to really help some cases.  As well, try different dietary supplements that contain Methyl Sulfonyl Methane and glucosamine as these ingredients have been known to increase joint lubrication.  If you prefer, you can check out the natural pain remedies that offer the same benefits.  You do not have to continue suffering in silence; physicians like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein are there to help.

Curing Chronic Pain

Whenever you have pain that doesn’t seem to subside after a few days, you should probably go and check it out.  But what happens if it’s chronic pain?  The pain isn’t too terrible but it doesn’t seem to go away?  You’ve tried various doctors, remedies and treatments, all to no avail?  If this is the case it might be time to consult a doctor who specializes in pain management. 
Dr. Harvey Finkelstein specializes in pain management and can help with various different pain complaints.  He has many ways of helping.  If you don’t want to live with such chronic pain for so long then you can make the change.  It is all about attitude and what you want out of life.

But at the end of the day, no one should be living with chronic pain.  Everyone should try and get a better quality of life and live without pain.  And the first step to achieving this is consulting a trained pain management specialist like Dr. Harvey Finkelstein.

Fibromyalgia and Dr. Harvey Finkelstein

Fibromyalgia is a disorder which causes widespread pain throughout the body and especially focused in the joints, tendons, muscles and other soft tissues. Aside from chronic pain other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia are tiredness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and more.

It is not known what causes fibromyalgia, but there seem to be certain triggers that can bring it on, none of which have been proven. Those causes may include:

•    Trauma, either physical or emotional
•    A disorder in the way the brain/body responds to pain. The brain response areas may be reacting differently in patients with fibromyalgia
•    There is speculation that either a virus or other infectious microbe may be responsible, although there is no evidence that this is the case at the moment

A pain control and management specialist such as Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, MD can help patients with fibromyalgia in several ways. Dr. Finkelstein can recommend treatments which help his patients gain relief from their pain as well as teaching skills which can help his patients cope with their pain and with other symptoms of this condition

Understanding the Benefits of Pain: Dr. Harvey Finkelstein MD

Listen to the following video about why your body hurts and why pain is actually a positive thing. Dr. Harvey Finkelstein MD is a specialist in the management and control of pain.

Harvey Finkelstein, MD: Intravenous Acetaminophen Now Available

In November 2010 the Food and Drug Administration approved for use in the United States an intravenous formulation of acetaminophen, which is the active ingredient in the OTC pain medication Tylenol. The new drug, known as Ofirmev, has been available from Cadence Pharmaceuticals, a San Diego-based drug company, as of this past Tuesday, January 18.

Ofirmev will be used by pain specialists such as Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, MD, in hospitals to control pain and fever. Ofirmev will be used in place of more dangerous analgesics such as opium-based morphine, as well as an adjunct to traditional treatments which can therefore be given in smaller doses, reducing their risk.

FDA Approves New Opioid to Treat Breakthrough Pain of Cancer

Harvey Finkelstein MD

Harvey Finkelstein MD

A new treatment for the pain caused by cancer has just been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use by adults who are ‘opioid-tolerant.’

The drug is known as Fentanyl (Abstral) and is administered in tablet form. It is to be used to manage “breakthrough” pain which appears suddenly and only requires short-term but high-dose treatment to control, as opposed to the constant, lower-dose opioid treatment which is part of the patient’s regular pharmaceutical regimen for pain management.

Specialists in pain management, treatment and control, such as Dr. Harvey Finkelstein M.D., who wish to prescribe this medication to their patients, will need to enroll in a special government program called the Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy (REMS) which was developed to minimize incorrect use of this powerful pain medication.