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New Research for Chronic Migraine Treatment

According to the online monthly magazine Pain Medicine News, there may be new hope on the way for those suffering from chronic migraine headaches.  The report in PMN sites a feasibility study of a procedure called subcutaneous occipital nerve stimulation, or ONS, which shows promise as an alternative treatment for those who suffer from CM but do not respond to drug therapies.

“We were quite pleased with the results of this study,” said lead author Joel R. Saper, MD, professor of neurology at Michigan State University in Lansing and director of the Michigan Head-Pain and Neurological Institute and the inpatient Head-Pain Treatment Unit at Chelsea Community Hospital in Ann Arbor. “However, this study wasn’t designed to show ultimate efficacy or lack thereof. It was designed primarily to help us determine how to do a more complete and ultimate study to test the efficacy for subcutaneous nerve stimulation for chronic migraine.”

This is good news for Dr. Harvey Finkelstein MD, who, as a specialist in pain management, is always interested in new and more effective ways to help his patients treat their pain.

New Study Points to Non-Drug Method of Treating Migraine

As a specialist in pain treatment, control and management, Dr. Harvey Finkelstein MD is familiar with patients who suffer from chronic migraine headaches. A new study has found that subcutaneous occipital nerve stimulation, or ONS is most likely a safe choice for treatment of chronic migraine headaches. The feasibility study, a prospective, randomized study which was also controlled for placebo effect, points the way to the future hope of many patients with CM and are unresponsive to treatments utilizing medications.